Become a Carney Display Case Dealer

Carney Display Cases is the most recognized brand in Diecast Car Collecting. We have been designing, building & shipping all scales & styles of Diecast Display Cases since 1986.

It's fast and simple to get started, just fill out the form below print and mail or scan and email it back to us. We will contact you as quickly as possible to get to know a little more about you & discuss product, shipping and payment details. It's that simple.

It is the perfect addition to your existing hobby or business. If you are a collector of Diecast Model Cars, Hot Wheels, NASCAR Diecast, Slot Cars, or even sports collectibles, this can be an easy way to earn some extra money for your hobby or supplement your existing or new Diecast Model Car business.

Selling Carney Diecast Display Cases online:

  • We'll send you our wholesale display case pricing
  • You load only the display cases you want to sell onto your site
  • When you make a sale just email us the information and we'll charge your card, and drop ship the display case directly to your customer. You never have to buy display cases to inventory and ship yourself unless you choose to and you never get charged until the day we ship the display case.
  • The packing list shows your company name and contact info/address.
    Selling from storefronts and or trade shows, markets etc.
  • We ship your display cases directly to you (with valid vendor's license)

Contact Carney Plastics today to see if Carney Display Cases are a good fit with your business.